Call of Duty Ghosts

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Call of Duty Ghosts preserves the fast fluid gameplay making the series famous but introduces a new universe.

Ghosts may share a name with popular with popular modern warfare character but the campaign is refreshingly original near-future war scenario. An oil-rich South America unifies into a federation of nations and neva tably comes to blow with the US. We joined the conflict with the US on the ropes broken but not beaten. COD GHOSTS

Campaign takes the strong human angle focusing two brothers and their father and yes their dog. The family dynamic made care about the characters which is unusual in the series where they so often feel dispensable the performances are decent but every so often there’s a cringe-worthy moment. COD GHOSTS

Loading screens push the story forwards but he plot’s get lost as it enters a long stretch of straightforward combat. Generally as set-pieces and shootouts go ghosts campaign is made of some of the most memorable. You don’t simply just blast your way through waves of enemies you rappel down buildings, pilot, choppers, drive tanks, have firefights in space, play as a dog and avoid getting eat by shark. COD GHOSTS

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