Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a Treyarch game. Treyarch is taking the campaign in unexpected direction. Delivering on the promise of player choice and divergent story. This is not just another call of duty, this is a new beginning in franchise in many ways a benchmark that sets a new standard for not only the fans should expect to the series but for big budget shooters in general. COD BO2

COD BO2 Campaign has the biggest moment we’ve all come to expect. Vehicle crashes check epic fire fights but what’s really surprises is that the campaign manages to tell story that not only makes sense but it’s also emotional engaging this is partially due to the great facial capture. COD BO2

Cutscenes that help flush out the story and great writing drink the cold war era segments of campaign you play as a combination of returning characters from the first black ops well in the very plausible feeling future segments you play as protagonist Alex Mason son’s David Mason. COD BO2

It’s be easy to muddle the time skipping coming together to form a story unlike any other series.

The trailer of the game is below.

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