Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a gorgeous game by Infinity Ward. The graphics are substantial leap over call of duty 4 with even the multiplayer visuals trumping the single player offering from the last time around. MW2

The levels are full of detail and effects, both single player and multiplayer levels showcase a larger emphasis on height. On regular difficulty the game can be beat in just 5 hours with an additional hardened play taking six hours. MW2

As far as the campaign itself, it has a great time from start to finish but the way the game tells this tale does have quite a few problem. There are ton of awesome action scenes and classic moments with some obvious inspiration taking from classic action movie. It feels like a highlight reel of frontline warfare. MW2

How ever while there seems to be a new piece of technology or mission exclusive gameplay element at every turn it feels almost like infinity ward came up with a laundry list of cool stuff they wanted to add into the game and then worried about the story to connect it. MW2

The trailer of the game is below.

You can also download the game by just clicking on the download button below.

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