Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare marks the return of the Infinity Ward back to the call of duty series. The game takes place in modern times though it uses some fictional countries and fictional enemies as is typical in the call of duty games you’re gonna play from multiple perspectives.

Basically, you’re going to bounce around between a British SAS officer and being a US Marine. Unlike most call of duty games, its kind of three separate storylines this is actually one continuous storyline. As you’re jumping around you’re actually continuing to progress the story as you go so its actually a much tighter. Call of Duty 4

It’s a narrative single player campaign on the normal mode. It’s only going to take you may be about six hours to beat if even that when you increase the difficulty up its gonna take you extra two to three four hours to beat because it gets much much harder, but you play call of duty games before you know that they are known for intense action very accurate weapons a very good feel for the time that they were set in. Call of duty 4

The trailer of the game is below.

You can also download the game by just clicking on the download button below.

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