Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has gone to great lengths to reinvigorate healthy a jump into the future. Cybernetic abilities and touch of a new lead development team Sledgehammer games make this the biggest and the most since call of duty 4 modern warfare. COD AW

Advanced Warfare is taking Call of Duty’s excellent shooting mechanics and commit it completely to the idea.

The game is fighting a battle in South Korea the North Koreans are invading their lots of high-tech technology. You’ve got an Exo Suite that has jump jet capability, cool grenades that can pin point the enemies for you. COD AW

Now as you beat the first mission in the story it begins to unfold a bit more it becomes clear that it is not a average call of duty campaign or story where some bad guy terrorists stolen a nuke and he will detonate it in US so there’s a chemical warhead that he stole. This is much bigger storyline and much bigger character arc and you actually start to get into it there was a lot of time completing story mode of COD AW.

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