Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is an Infinity Ward game. Call of Duty Franchise is successful for a reason no other first person shooting game has the same visual spectacle. In its campaign mode and few can match it’s utterly addictive multiplayer while some of the same frustrating with the formula still exists. COD MW3

The campaign mode of COD MW3 is full of set pieces and great fire fights but most importantly the multiplayer has been refined for the better experience. It’s full of large amount of effects and visual madness crammed on the screen at any given time. Also it runs 60 Frames per second adding to the speed precision and silky feeling of the controls. COD MW3

Aside from the visual spectacle of the campaign, the menu’s and interface are basically the same. Campaign of COD MW3 hits on the lot of some highs and lows as its predecessors. COD MW3 still have annoying seemingly infinite spawning monster closets of enemies and at several points enemies seems to completely disregard their own safety to run past your allies and shoot you in the face.

The trailer of the game is below.

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