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Assassins Creed is a Fictional Story Game. In the game, you will play with an Assassin name Altair. The game starts in the city Masyaf, Altair is operated by his master Al-Mualim who gave him commands to destroy the templars located in the different cities like Jerusalem and Acre. Assassins Creed World of Games

Altair visits All the cities and finding assassins bureaus located in the cities and collecting information from there about templars located in the current city. The master of assassin bureaus tell him the exact location and arrival of the target so altair can kill him properly. Altair uses his different techniques to reach and kill his target such as hidden blades, blending techniques, throwing knifes and crossbow etc.

When he has killed all the templars, he founds that his master betrayed him by acquiring the peace of eden. By defending himself from his master who wants to kill altair now, he killed his master by his own hands. World of Games

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Assassins Creed (2007)

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